An intensive studio program providing artists with the knowledge to pursue their personal vision through the development of craftsmanship and critical thinking.


he full-time program offers a course of study that will provide solid skills and understanding of craftsmanship that can be directed towards the creation of works that have a personal vision and voice. In order for this goal to be obtained, it is imperative that students gain proficiency and are able to think critically and technically execute each concept or principle that is presented before moving on to another in a series of ever more challenging exercises. Students are given as much time as needed in order to learn and accomplish these tasks and progress at their own rate.  The length of the program will vary from student to student with an average time being about two to three years for completion.  

The foundation of the program develops solid draftsmanship through the pursuit of traditional methods of drawing and painting. Time honored atelier methods are employed with students beginning with cast drawing, work their way through cast painting and still-life, afterwards moving on to life drawing, and finally life painting. These studies are taken to a high degree of refinement so that the student thoroughly learns how to bring each piece to completion. As a compliment to these time intensive studies, students also engage in quicker studies from the life model in order to learn to work in an efficient manner.  Human anatomy and the construction of the human figure from imagination are discussed in tandem with strategies of how to understand and approach principles of gesture, movement, proportion, and volume are developed in an effective and expedient manner.  Along with these drawings, students also learn to sketch in paint through the study of the portrait and landscape using alla prima methods. Through the examination of the connection of narrative to design and composition the complicated nature of image making is tackled and strategies for picture making are examined throughout the course of study with students learning how to combine the foundation principles from their other studies into finished works of art.

Beyond the instructed classes, students will also have access to the studio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will ensure that the student may engage in their work in a good working environment that is properly equipped for their educational needs.

Students of all levels may be accepted into the full-time program provided they show a strong work ethic, eagerness to learn, and can make a commitment to study for  a period of two years. A time commitment of 30-40 hours per week is to be expected. A maximum of 15 students will be enrolled in the full-time program at any time in order to keep the student to teacher ratio low, allowing for lots of one on one time so that the student may learn and grow at the fastest rate possible. The enrollment process can be initiated at any time during the year.

Tuition for the full-time program is $700 per month.

If you wish to apply for one of the spots in the full-time program, please send at least 10 images of current work along with a letter stating your intent for studying and career goals to


The Safehouse Full-Time Program Classes