Geared towards individual progress, these classes will help provide a serious studio environment to help develop your skills whether you are an inspired beginner or a working professional.


or those who do not wish to make a full-time commitment or are unable to do so but are still serious about furthering their studies, the Safehouse Atelier offers Part-Time classes. Instruction in each class is tailored to the individual student and can accommodate the passionate beginner as well as the working professional who is looking to sharpen their skills. Students will be immersed in a workshop environment with instructors working alongside them presenting information in a variety of formats to enable people at varying levels to grasp and implement the concepts presented in such a way that it has immediate benefit in their work. Classes run on a monthly basis and are on a first come first served basis.

Enrollment for a class starts a month in advance. When inquiring about a class for the first time, please send some samples of your current work and a short statement that tells about your professional or educational experience to


The Safehouse Part-Time Program Classes