InstructorCarl Dobsky
TypeOnsite Course
PlaceSafehouse Atelier
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This class will be centered around the accurate depiction of the human form through drawing and painting mediums. Traditional methods for tackling the complexity of the live model will be discussed and demonstrated and instruction will be geared to the level of the individual student. Techniques for the accurate representation of shapes and proportion will be examined in depth. The rendering of volume and its interaction with light will be emphasized especially in its relation to anatomy and the human form. Advanced students wishing to paint, will in addition to the subjects above also deal with the complexity of rendering the figure in paint. The mixing of flesh tones and their relation to volume will be stressed. Please note: If you wish to enroll for painting, competency in drawing must first be demonstrated to the instructor’s satisfaction.

The class is structured so that the student can continue to build on past lessons and experience with each new month without unnecessarily repeating steps. This allows the serious and dedicated student to keep forward momentum in their study while progressing at their own rate. Each pose will last for the duration of the month to allow for ample time to work through and resolve as many issues as possible.

Tuition for the Long Pose class is $300 per month.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm-10pm

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